Section: Comparative Analyses

Comparative Analyses

The following comparative analyses of acquisition and loss of nationality in EU 15 Member States were originally published as chapters in 'Acquisition and Loss of Nationality Volume 1'.

These analyses are based on the results of the NATAC project. The acronym NATAC stands for 'Acquisition of Nationality in EU Member States: Rules, Practices and Quantitative Developments'. The project was limited to the fifteen Member States of the European Union before May 2004 and was carried out between September 2004 and November 2005.

Acquisition and Loss of Nationality: Executive Summary 
Rainer Bauböck, Eva Ersboll, Kees Groenendijk, Harald Waldrauch

Acquisition and Loss of Nationality: Policy Brief
Rainer Bauböck

Rainer Bauböck, Eva Ersbøll, Kees Groenendijk, Harald Waldrauch

Nationality in public international law and european law
Kay Hailbronner

Methodology for Comparing Acquisition and Loss of Nationality
Harald Waldrauch

Acquisition of Nationality 
Harald Waldrauch

Loss of Nationality 
Harald Waldrauch

Administrative practices in the acquisition of nationality
Isabelle Chopin

Statistics on Acquisition and Loss of Nationality in EU 15 Member States 
Harald Waldrauch

European trends in nationality law
Betty de Hart and Ricky van Oers

Rights of expatriates, multiple citizens and restricted citizenship for certain nationals
Harald Waldrauch

The Legal Integration of Denziens
Kees Groenendijk

The status of quasi-citizenship in EU member states: Why some states have ‘almost-citizens’
Kees Groenendijk

Evaluation and Recommendations
Rainer Bauböck and Bernhard Perchinig

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